Brenda Lu, MCR

APAC Real Estate Director, Operations 


What’s your educational background?

I grew up in Shanghai where I studied Business Administration in my university, Shanghai International Studies University. I also completed another major of Accounting in Shanghai Economics and Finance University during the same period.

Tell us about your career path. Where were you prior to joining L’Oréal? 

I luckily joined Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) as a Management Trainee and started my career in the Real Estate industry and afterwards moved to various consultant firms like C&W and CBRE. I have met many great mentors and was provided with the opportunity to experience working in Shanghai as well as Singapore, the 2 dynamic cities in APAC. That was the start-up of my APAC journey. About 4 years ago, there was an opportunity in Unilever for the role of Real Estate Lead, North Asia and South East Asia, Australia New Zealand. I thought it might be a right time to move to CRE so I took it. And now, another new journey waits for me in L’Oréal.

Please share some details about your current position. What are some of the interesting things you’re working on?

The role currently I am taking in L’Oréal is the APAC Real Estate Director, in which the scope covers for real estate strategy and transactions, as well as workplace transformation and construction projects for the region.

Working in real estate in the Beauty industry, you not only need to make things functionally efficient, but also to make your workplace modern, cozy, beautiful and reflecting L’Oréal branding. There is this little subtle feeling that you have to explore in your daily work, on top of the technical knowledge you already mastered. Besides, APAC is so dynamic and such a rapidly growing region that new ideas/techs pop up every day. It’s our responsibility to make sure our strategy is fit for this business environment and helps the company win in the marketplace.

Is there a single project or accomplishment that was particularly rewarding?

I am very proud that I could be recognized as Young Leader of the Chapter in 2016 for my accomplishment in the previous employer time as well as in the real estate industry. I am still a newbie in L’Oréal and will be lovely to share more projects with the community once completed.

How long have you been a member of CoreNet Global? Tell us about your involvement and how you engage with the association.

I have been a member of CoreNet Global for more than 5 years. I would totally agree this is a great association and platform for the CREs to share and grow. I am very enthusiastic about the future of CoreNet Global and in fact to render my support, I am a member of China Chapter board as well. We are keen to see that CREs are getting more and more recognition as an industry as well as by the corporate function.

What aspects of your involvement with CoreNet Global are most valuable? Please comment on the value that Young Leaders get from membership in the association.

You meet a great number of senior leaders who are willing to share their experience, supporting the Young Leaders to grow. In the meantime, you also meet those young talents who are so fresh and energetic and are readily bringing their creativity into work.

How do you see your future career? Will it be in corporate real estate?

The Real Estate industry is fun and I would prefer to experience along the way, at least for a few more years.

To help our readers get to know you on a more personal level, tell us a little about yourself (e.g., family, hobbies, favorite places to visit, etc.).

I am a young mommy with a 4-year-old child. I love the city in which I live and work, which is so exciting. Shanghai is a combination of eastern and western cultures and has a long history to explore.

There are so many memorable places in the world, but the particular one which excites me most is the hot-air balloon journey I took in Cappadocia, Turkey. When we took the hot-air balloon into the dawn of the sky and saw that amazing landscape, we are so cherished by what the nature has offered to us.