A company’s office building not only houses the workforce, it can also be it’s greatest billboard and physical manifestation of the brand. 

Which is why the giant X replacing Twitter’s logo and famous bird at its San Francisco headquarters is confusing some. 

Company owner “Elon Musk is replacing the Twitter name and logo with a stylized X as he seeks to turn the 17-year-old service into an app that does everything, Bloomberg reported. According to the news agency, Musk on Saturday invited his followers to suggest an X logo, then chose one of the designs and made it the company’s new brand identity Sunday,” according to a report in The Mercury News.

“The sudden change comes as Twitter faces a sharp drop in advertising dollars and a new rival in Threads, a similar service from Menlo Park-based Meta Platforms Inc. that attracted 100 million users within just five days of launching earlier this month, Bloomberg reported. Also on Monday, social media giant TikTok added a new format for text-based posts, potentially putting itself in competition with Musk’s X,” the article reported. 

Aside from the name and brand change, Twitter’s workforce has also seen a bit of turmoil with layoffs and company CEO Elon Musk admonishing remote work, according to Business Insider.