Employees at retailer Bjorn Borg in Sweden MUST work out once a week, if they want to stay employed, according to this recent article.

“Every Friday, employees of fashion and sportswear retailer Bjorn Borg leave their desks at the company’s Stockholm headquarters to get their weekly workout at a nearby gym.”

“There is no getting out of it: for more than two years the company founded by the Swedish tennis legend has made on-the-job exercise mandatory at the initiative of chief executive Henrik Bunge, a 44-year-old built like a wrestler.”

As we at CoreNet Global know through our various initiatives and research wellness is a key element of being productive at work, reducing absenteeism and fostering teamwork.

A bit extreme? Maybe. But hey, the company was founded by Borg, who many consider to be the greatest tennis player ever. He does have nearly a 90 percent winning record in Grand Slam tournaments.

OK, we’re headed to the gym.