In the London offices of banker Goldman Sachs, workers have returned, according to The Guardian, which took note of how employees were doing. 

One worker said: “I’m actually feeling pretty good about coming back to the office,” he says. “It will give some structure to the day. It is hard to stop working when you’re working from home.” The 28-year-old is confident that the office will be a safe working environment. “They have done quite a lot of work preparing,” he says. “We are getting [coronavirus] tested twice a week.”

Says another: “working from home was “an aberration that we’re going to correct as soon as possible. I do think that for a business like ours, which is an innovative, collaborative apprenticeship culture, this is not ideal for us. And it’s not a new normal.”

Goldman says its office is open to all staff, but attendance is “voluntary”. It said about 15%-20% of its 6,000 London employees were back in the office last week, and it expects many more to follow suit this week after the relaxation of lockdown. A team of four “greeters” were deployed outside the office alongside a team of security guards to welcome back employees, according to the article.