Many of us are tired of looking at our kitchen tables, or dogs, maybe even our children and partners 24/7.

But some companies are saying that work from home is here to stay, Twitter among them. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told employees in an email on Tuesday that they would be allowed to work from home indefinitely, even after COVID-19 shutdowns end, according to Business Insider

Twitter will continue to suspend business travel and won’t hold any in-person events for the rest of 2020, the representative said. The company will assess 2021 events later this year.

Other major tech companies have announced lenient work-from-home plans, but few go as far as Twitter’s. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon have all told employees that they can keep working from home through the fall, even if their offices reopen sooner.

Dorsey and Twitter may have had some foresight on the issue:

“I don’t fear any slowness as we work to distribute our workforce now, and I do think we have to build a company that’s not entirely dependent on San Francisco,” Dorsey said during an earnings call in February. “As we look forward, we’re reaching a talent pool that expects a lot more remote work … We should be building our company around that. I haven’t made any plans just yet for this year, but I do expect that I will travel.”