With billionaire Elon Musk’s pending purchase of Twitter, some are now speculating that he will move the company from San Francisco to Texas. 

“…Industry analysts and Austin-area tech officials say it’s not a stretch to think that he might move the company’s headquarters from San Francisco to Austin, or at least create a much larger corporate presence for the company in central Texas, which has become a focal point for Musk’s companies,” according to USA Today. 

Musk famously moved Tesla’s headquarters from California to Texas last year. 

According to the USA Today article, Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush Securities, said that once Musk acquires Twitter, it’s likely the deal will result in a significant Twitter presence in Austin.

“He’s going to have more and more of his operations around Tesla, and I think down the road there’ll be some portion of SpaceX operations, and then ultimately Twitter,” Ives said. “It’s all part of the Musk structure.”

The locals are getting excited. 

“Jim Schwertner, a Central Texas cattle rancher and businessman, raised the possibility this week on social media,”  according to the Austin American-Statesman

“Schwertner, president and CEO of Schwertner Farms, on Tuesday tweeted at Musk, offering 100 acres of land to the billionaire free of charge if Musk would relocate Twitter’s corporate offices to the site. The property is in Schwertner, an unincorporated community east of Jarrell.”

No word on whether Musk is taking him up on the offer.