CoreNet Global Summits are an opportunity to network with peers, hear from amazing speakers, and share best practices. Sometimes the learning takes place formally in a breakout session; maybe more often, it occurs when a small group of people are having lunch or coffee and begin discussing who they are and what they do.

And the education ranges from the highly technical to common sense approaches and new ways of doing things.

For example, Elizabeth Dukes of iOffice recently wrote in Inc. Magazine about five space utilization strategies that will make your employees happier:
1.     Clean up and remove things such as old furniture and files that take up space and serve no purpose

2.     Provide employees with workspace options

3.     Offer telecommuting, at least some of the time

4.     Improve the lighting

5.     Provide some greenery, or plant life in the office

Again, these won’t break a capital budget, take hours for your team to deliberate, or require additional study. But we agree you’d see some dramatic, short-term results.

And thank you, iOffice, for noting in the article that by attending a CoreNet Global Summit, much of research that you need to incorporate new strategies is there for the taking.  Many presenters at our most recent North American Summit in Philadelphia reinforced the point that happier employees are better, more productive employees.