Chances are you’ve been on several web conference calls  in the last couple weeks, and you may have even hosted a virtual meeting for the first time. 

We’re all getting used to the new normal. But you may have also experienced people who don’t know how to mute themselves, or forgot they were on camera, or had a weak signal.

So here are some tips for virtual meetings:

Customize your background

  • Some platforms give you the option to change your background (so you don’t have to clean up the kids’ toys, and can even pretend that you’re calling in from a tropical island!).

Improve your appearance

  • Use filters to “touch up “ your appearance

Brush up on your web conference etiquette

  • Most platforms have the ability to easily mute and unmute yourself, chat, participate in polling and Q&A.
  • Be on time
  • If you’re leading the call, you might want to auto disable audio and video so as to not catch your attendees off-guard when they join
  • Avoid multi-tasking
  • Do what you can to limit background noise. This can be a particular challenge now that most of us are working from home. Be sure to mute yourself when you’re not speaking (and remember to unmute when it’s your turn to chime in!)

    Practice cyber security

  •    Prevent people from sharing content that could ruin your virtual experience — a type of hijacking that has been dubbed ZoomBombing.
  •    Most platforms have options to limit sharing and to block people from joining unless they were invited.

Here are some tips specific to Zoom calls courtesy of CNBC