Calling them the “flyover states,” is inherently a conceit, as if the only time we ever see them is from the air, on the way from New York to LA. And we say this not just because we’re Jason Aldean fans. Which, we are.  

Steve Case, a co-founder of America Online and chief executive of Revolution, has an important piece in USA Today about the perils of ignoring our country’s heartland.

“As a nation, how do we heal the division between coastal economies that are enjoying larger and larger gains from economic change, and a large expanse of our country between the coasts that have nostalgic wishes for an unrecoverable economy of days gone by?,” he writes.

“The good news is that the building blocks for new hubs of innovation already exist in many cities across the country. If nurtured and supported, these emerging centers of technological progress can be engines of economic growth, job creation and municipal revitalization — helping cities rise from within.”

At CoreNet Global many of our most passionate and successful and innovative companies and economic development leaders are growing and expanding in the heartland.

New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley will always be the apple of investors’ eyes, but what are your thoughts about the potential for investment in the so-called flyover states? As a first step, maybe we shouldn’t call them that anymore.