We talk a lot in this space about corporate work strategies and whether or not companies will allow workers to work from home – all the time, some of the time, none of the time.

And with that conversation comes talk of what will happen to the corporate headquarters in general. Smaller? In the suburbs?

This week was a shot in the arm for traditionalists, as JP Morgan announced it was tearing down its mid-town New York City headquarters, which houses 6,000 employees and replacing it with a brand new 70-story world headquarters on the same site. The new building will house the company’s 15,000 employees.

The new tower will soar as much as 500 feet higher than the existing 52-story headquarters on the west side of Park Avenue and contain an additional one million square feet of office space, according to an article in The New York Times.

We’re excited to see the interior layout and how it leverages what are now staples in the workplace – flexibility, wellness features, sustainability.

But we’re betting that CEO Jamie Dimon, will still have an office. On an upper floor. In a corner.