In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been quite a bit of global political news lately, with impeachment, Iran and Brexit. And then there’s Megxit!

The U.S. stock market remains strong; but experts caution that U.S. politics will be the biggest threat to the global economy in 2020.

“American politics is the biggest threat facing the world in 2020 and the looming presidential election will stress the country’s institutions, influence economic and foreign policy and further divide an already polarized electorate, with potentially huge consequences for the climate, business and investors. That’s the view of experts at consultancies Eurasia Group and Control Risks,” according to a CNN report on the upcoming Davos Economic Forum.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin downplayed the threat to the world economy.

But there are additional headaches, the Australian fires and what they may say about climate change, trade wars, and threats to peace.

“In 2020 we have a combination of negative trend lines that we’ve not experienced in generations. This deteriorating environment is much more likely to produce a global crisis,” warned experts at Eurasia Group.