Quick – what country is ranked number one for corporate real estate sustainability?

If you said Australia, we say G’Day Mate!

GRESB (the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is the international body that assesses the Environmental, Social and Governance performance of real estate and infrastructure portfolios.

In 2018 it surveyed over 900 real estate companies and the performance of nearly 80,000 assets worth $6.9 trillion around the world, and found that the Australia/New Zealand real estate market ranks number one for sustainability for the eighth consecutive year, according to The Fifth Estate.

“However, we must build on this distinction by investing in deep analytics for building performance to analyse and address root cause issues,” writes Deb Noller, chief executive officer and co-founder of Switch Automation, a smart building software company specializing in building performance optimization.

“These are known ways to increase an organisation’s net operating income while significantly lowering carbon emissions. Most importantly, effective building performance analytics create new value and scale quickly. Once you integrate sensors and networks in one building to increase site value, this process can be quickly rolled out across an entire portfolio for multiplied success.”