eXp is adopting quite literally the concept of the virtual headquarters – and taking it a step further.

“eXp Realty is establishing itself as one of the brightest rising companies in its industry—and one of the most creative users of digital technology today,
according to this article on SingularityHub.com

“By several measures, the company is experiencing a moment of true exponential growth…Incredibly, this growth is largely the result of eXp Realty’s use of an online virtual world similar to Second Life. That means every employee, contractor, and the thousands of agents who work at the company show up to work—team meetings, training seminars, onboarding sessions—all inside a virtual reality campus.”

“Except for a small leased space in Bellingham, Washington, which acts as a de facto storage closet with filing cabinets and an official address (technically their headquarters), and a few empty locations where a physical address is mandated, there’s not a single office building associated with the business.”