No matter the field, there is no denying the value of professional mentors. They provide instant feedback, coaching, and advocacy that is invaluable in helping one advance in a career. In corporate real estate, a profession that is little understood by those who are not in it, mentors can play an even bigger role.

Many – if not most – successful leaders credit mentors that have helped them along the way. A true mentoring relationship often transcends work and becomes valued lifelong by the mentor and mentee.

Too often, those pairs are made purely by chance. But CoreNet Global is formalizing the process and making it easier for our members — both mentors and mentees — to find each other with our “Mentor Match” Program.

By participating and filling out self-selected preferences, mentors and mentees can connect with other like-minded professionals. We’re hoping to take the chance element out of these relationships that form, and making it certain. That’s a true benefit of being a part of an association and we hope our members will take advantage.

Learn more about our program here.