A consensus is emerging that once the pandemic is over, the “workplace” will be a hybrid model that includes the physical office and distributed work — from home, a co-working location or elsewhere. 

TechRadar is out with advice on how to create a people centric workplace: 

Re-focusing on the employee

Ultimately, the pandemic has re-focused the discussion on how employees can best work, and how teams are spending their time. It has also given employers the opportunity to ensure they’re in a better position to help people find a good work life balance. Whilst getting your head down to work is important, social time and collaboration is equally valued, and central to general wellbeing.For many employees, their work is central to their sense of self, their meaning and purpose, and after a long period of being at home alone, they’ll be yearning for those in-person, face-to-face experiences. 

An office designed for the people working in it

Beyond work, offices also need to become social destinations in themselves.Common areas play a central role in nurturing informal work relationships, which improve development opportunities and help career outlook – especially crucial for people early in their work life. These spaces allow employees to maintain the inspiration, energy and social connection that comes with belonging to a physical team and environment – something which many found a real challenge to maintain virtually during the pandemic.

Tech and video as the glue for hybrid working

This human centered approach to work collaboration requires non-intrusive, seamless video conferencing and productivity tools. Through each space in the office, from large town hall style areas, through to smaller huddle rooms, personal workspaces and even satellite offices in the suburbs, these video solutions and smart productivity technologies can help to bring together a team as one.