The Productivity Imperative

How do you align CRE’s contribution to the growth agenda? Defining and capturing productivity improvements is a moving target. For CRE executives, the ability to drive improvements in business productivity is the key to aligning efforts with strategic direction. However, to capture senior leadership’s attention you must be able to measure and demonstrate this productivity contribution.

Do you know what your CEO is looking for? What if you could find out insights from a survey of 20 leading companies’ CEOs – who share how they measure productivity in their organizations? The results reveal a surprising disconnect between the areas CEOs are focusing their attention and those areas where real estate can have the greatest productivity impact.

A framework – developed from the survey results – outlines four key areas that CRE executives can focus on in order to achieve immediate and substantial productivity gains. The
first key to driving productivity is people. CEOs were united in that more than 60% of their time was spent on people. People are of course central to enhancing productivity but businesses also need to dedicate equal time to the other essential foundations. Another vital component is the right work environment. These factors and more will help in defining what productivity means for your business.

Companies overwhelming acknowledge the importance of productivity. What do you see as potential enablers or inhibitors for driving it? Let us know what you think senior leadership envisions as real estate’s contribution to business productivity in the comments below.

You can discover the current status of each key focus area, identify which ones need attention and take actionable steps to enhance performance at your company during the CoreNet Global 2015 Asia-Pacific Summit in Hong Kong in March. The panel for this session includes: Kate Langan, Richard Martin, Rajiv Nagrath, and Tony Wyllie.

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