The Pentagon outside of Washington, D.C. appears to soon be losing its title as the largest office building in the world, according to CNN.

In Surat, India, northwest of Mumbai, the Surat Diamond Bourse is set to open, offering 7.1 million square feet of office space in nine structures on a 15-story complex occupying 35 acres of land. The complex will serve the diamond industry; according to CNN, 90 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut in Surat. 

“The building was masterminded by Indian architecture firm Morphogenesis following an international design competition. Surpassing the Pentagon was not part of the competition brief, Gadhavi told CNN. Rather, the project’s size was dictated by demand, he said, adding that the offices were all purchased by diamond companies prior to construction. Morphogenesis said its layout creates a “level playing field” for businesses both small and large. With offices connected by a long central corridor — a configuration reminiscent of an airport terminal — occupants have similarly convenient access to amenities and facilities, according to the architecture firm’s co-founder, Sonali Rastogi, who described the design as “democratic.”

“The design was also informed by (design firm) Morphogenesis’ research into how the Indian diamond trade operates. Rastogi drew attention to the series of nine 1.5-acre courtyards, complete with seating and water features, that can serve as casual meeting places for traders. Comparing the landscaped areas to “a traditional bazaar,” firm co-founder, Sonali Rastogi said the firm was influenced by the fact that many informal transactions take place outside the office environment.”

“Email orders are probably taken inside, but human-to-human transactions are almost all outside,” she said, describing the courtyards “like public parks where we are assuming all these activities will take place.”

photo credit CNN