Thailand’s incoming workforce is increasingly interested in remote work, according to a new report. Employers are, therefore, being urged to lay down clear policies if they want to attract this new generation of talent, according to Human Resources Director magazine.

The report from Universum, which surveyed more than 12,700 students across Thailand, revealed that 93% of the respondents expressed interest in remote working opportunities, the article pointed out. 

“In order to attract the best young talent in Thailand, employers need to communicate clear and attractive policies around remote working; staying quiet on the subject will be seen as a negative by digitally savvy talent starting their careers,” said Mike Parsons, managing director APAC, Universum. “It is also clear that, in Thailand, employers need to communicate a strong value proposition that highlights the strengths of their culture and the softer side of the employment experience, including things like their commitment to DE&I.”.