Technology, Workers and Workplace Transformation

So much technology, so little time!

New corporate real estate apps are rolling into iTunes and Google Play by the minute. The Myworkplace mobile app gives employees access to information about their workplace, including the workplace culture, technology, building information, events calendar and an ideas box. The Service Requestor mobile app allows employees, workplace managers, facilities managers to take a photo of a work request, enter some key fields and send it in to be solved.
And there’s more: play a safety video and watch the contractor walk up to the building. Look at the assets barcode.  Other technologies interact and play with your data in ways that you never though possible; creating  “what if” analysis, and more!

But when do you go from not enough to too much information? And what are the best ways to deploy new technologies to the workforce? These questions will be explored  in a discussion coming up at the CoreNet Global 2015 Asia Pacific Summit in Hong Kong. Jain Saurabh of DTZ will demonstrate the ways that his company is moving into new technologies, such as Google Glass and wearable tech.

Before that discussion, we’d like to know the technologies that you are either using now or looking forward to seeing and implementing. Will your company embrace wearable tech? And perhaps the discussion should be turned around — not which technologies you are using, but what are the problems or needs that you have that could be solved by new technologies?

Be sure to catch Jain’s presentation in person at the CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit, 17-19 March 2015; for more details please visit