Technology in a Catastrophe

Mother Nature can strike in the most unexpected moments. In an unpredictable world, catastrophe is not always something that you can prepare for. Once disaster does strike, an important measure of control is the actual response time.
Farmers Mobile Claim Center is proving how technology can play a significant role in disaster response time by bringing customer support to the disaster location. The Mobile Claims Center is a FarmersBuscommand headquarters on wheels.

Because natural disaster is a risk factor that many corporate real estate professionals have to consider as part of contract management and negotiation, having the hi-tech Catastrophe Bus on site is a great way to explore the impact of technology on corporate real estate. Don’t miss your chance to tour the Catastrophe Bus at the CoreNet Global Summit in Los Angeles and be inspired by the innovative ways that technology can support end users.

Contained within the walls of the Catastrophe Bus is a customer support center, loaded with supplies, a professional response team and a range of technology services ready to help people get their lives back on track as quickly as possible during a disaster. Mobile technology has enabled the bus to provide immediate, on the spot claims services, instant payment facilities for dispatching emergency funds, Wi-Fi services for getting in touch with family, food preparation facilities equipped to provide for large groups and emergency responders, and facilitating an instant hub for distributing personal care supplies.

We hope you will join us in Los Angeles.