Step Away from the “Box”

What does it take to re–think anything in your life? Sometimes nothing short of turning your whole world upside down. Slow down your thinking for a moment. What is your brain doing? Almost certainly trying to come up with a single right answer because then you can stop thinking about the problem. All too often we are not really thinking, but sleepwalking through life. Fresh angles on familiar problems elude us. Re–thinking is the opposite: it means seeing better or different solutions. In other words, thinking as unusual. Nigel Barlow, opening general session speaker at the CoreNet Global EMEA Summit in Berlin, shows you why and how in his book, Rethink: How to Think Differently.

Barlow is an expert on helping individuals and companies with innovation and becoming creative re-thinkers by thinking “why not” and “what if”. Consider how you can move from “yes, but…” thinking in this video. Visit his blog for more information on creativity and innovation as applied to leadership, business strategy, customers, and the future.nigel_barlow(2)

CoreNet Global’s opening general session is proud to present Nigel Barlow, one of the world’s most dynamic speakers at the CoreNet Global Summit, 15-17 September in Berlin, Germany. At the Summit, Barlow will prompt you to think deeply about re-thinking and recapturing control of the value conversation by building a value strategy. Join us in Berlin, 15-17 September so you can stop living on autopilot and reawaken your sense of wonder, curiosity, and creativity.