As companies reopen and workers return, building owners and real estate managers are facing dozens of confusing options when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. 

“Oh, geez, I think there is a new option every single day,” Saez told Bisnow  “I’ve got somebody calling me from a blocked number, telling me they want to sell us services. Some of these machines don’t even exist yet,” he said of options that vendors are claiming they can sell before they are widely available on the market.

 New York City’s Magnolia Bakery recently announced plans to install a portal full of lightbulbs in the entrance. Walking through the portal — as one might walk through a TSA scanner — would emit a theoretically harmless-to-humans version of UV-C light called far UV-C light, killing germs on patrons as they enter the building. While property managers, owners and developers need to do research and exercise scrutiny to ensure they are coming up with solutions that address the problems at hand without fostering a false sense of security, high-tech cleaning services are expected to be in high demand.

A late May survey by OpenWorks found that 83% of business leaders indicated it was “likely” or “very likely” that they would increase the frequency of cleaning their offices or facilities, and nearly all of those planned to add regular disinfection to their cleaning programs.