Wellness, including mental health will be a priority for companies managing employees who are coming back into the office.  Here some tips for employee, and for employers to be aware of, from CNBC:

                              Reflect on what you really want and need

The first step in setting boundaries is to figure out what it is that you need or want to get out of a conversation, said Shaakira Haywood Stewart, a psychologist in New York City

Pause and reflect “on what it is that you know that you’ll need to be able to be successful and to maintain mental health equilibrium,” she says. It can be helpful to journal or write out your thoughts if you’re having trouble pinpointing it, she adds.

                              Be transparent in your explanations

While some stigma still exists around seeking mental health assistance, it’s a good idea to be as transparent as possible about your current mental state and the accommodations you need, says David Rosmarin, assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Center for Anxiety.

For example, if you have a regular therapy appointment that requires you to leave work early some days, tell your manager or HR representative, Rosmarin says. 

                              Come with solutions in mind

Approach the conversation with your manager or HR representative with “solutions instead of complaints,” said Debra Kissen, clinical director of Light on Anxiety, a cognitive behavioral therapy treatment center in Chicago,. “Instead of, ‘I’m nearly burned out and I’m having a hard time feeling empowered,’ you could say, ‘I read this morning about productivity at home. I’m wondering, is there room for some kind of work-life balance committee or ideas?’”