It’s one of Silicon Valley’s best-known employee perks, the increasingly upscale, sustainable – and often free – corporate cafeteria. Companies such as Google and Facebook have become well known for providing their employees with places to eat.

It is all part of providing wellness and modern spaces where employees can feel comfortable and motivated.

Turns out the concept doesn’t make the local restaurant community feel so good.

“A new San Francisco law seeks to ban the “insanely awesome” subsidized corporate cafeterias that have grown up in the Bay Area. If the law passes, companies like Google and Facebook won’t be allowed to operate cafeterias in any future office buildings in San Francisco,” according to Eater San Francisco.

According to the article, some companies are already opting for some subsidized food alternatives. Square, for example, shuts down its cafeteria on Fridays and provides a stipend for employees to use as they wish. ZeroCater and Zesty work with restaurants to provide larger scale catering for corporations.