Marcus Bowen previews the CoreNet Global Summit in Anaheim for Work&Place

If asked, I still say I work in corporate real estate (CRE). But after 25 years, much has changed, and I now see my own CRE world as either laying bets on future demand or plotting a ones-and-zeros pathway to AI-assisted dynamic resource management. To see this change being played out, just look at the CRE conference offerings:  When I first attended CRE conferences the format was simple; brokerage-heavy networking events with a side show of service providers and developer/landlords. CRE events are now very much formatted with the occupier in mind and work around the now familiar ‘workplace’ agenda.

Over the last 10 years, the best proponent of this change is the CoreNet Global Summit programme, from Asia, Europe, and America. But nothing stands still of course; the North America summit in Anaheim, California (October 20-22) now takes this one step further and includes content that would not be out of place at a Proptech event. Of course, I’m delighted!  By way of example, here are three sessions that really caught my eye!