Rethink Corporate Real Estate!

Barlow_Rethink_ppc_4.inddre•think: verb (ˌ)rē-ˈthiŋk to consider again especially with the possibility of change or reversal

Learn to rethink corporate real estate (CRE) at the CoreNet Global Summit in Berlin.

  • Opening General Session featuring Nigel Barlow: Barlow explores how we can all be more innovative in a practical, everyday sense and will prompt you to think deeply about re-thinking and recapturing control of the value conversation by building a value strategy. Stop living on autopilot and reawaken your sense of wonder, curiosity, and creativity.
  • Closing General Session wrap up with Tom Standage: Standage will share his continually updated list of the Top 10 Technologies he believes to have the greatest potential to shake our world – both personal and corporate. He is the author of several books that rethink the way we have always looked at some basic concepts from drinks to technology to communication.

More than ever, CRE leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to change the conversation from cost to value within their organizations.