As an experiment, try to get through your daily routine without using any plastic.

It’s much easier said than done.

While many companies fortunately have sustainability built into their missions and every day practices – and these may include plastics recycling – maybe a better answer is to eliminate goods that are made from plastic altogether.

That’s at lease the premise of a commentary in Fortune magazine, written by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, founders of footwear company Allbirds.

According to the article, for a brand to begin the journey to plastic elimination, it must:

  • Educate itself by measuring its carbon footprint. You can’t solve problems you can’t define.
  • The second step is to pay for its pollution. This can be done through a process called carbon offsetting, where a brand funds projects that remove an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for every bit the company produces.
  • Lastly, brands should audit their supply chain, production, and materials used. Petroleum is hiding everywhere, from packing materials to fuel-heavy shipping methods.