Employees at Overstock.com can take advantage of a greenhouse that the company is building to mitigate the effects of working in the Utah desert. 

According to Hortidaily.com, the company is providing responsibly grown produce on the cafeteria menu, and “encouraging their employees to learn how to grow their own vegetables in a professional, working greenhouse.

“The greenhouse would be a visually attractive, interactive environment. Its purposes would be to enhance workplace culture, promote sustainability and wellness, and serve as a multipurpose space for other employee activities.”

The corporate headquarters has a circular, Roman Colosseum-like design with interior gardens that are in the shape of a round peace symbol called the Peace Coliseum. “They wanted to create a campus-like environment, similar to a tech campus such as those used by Google or Apple, but one with a theme that promoted peace and sanctuary for their employees,” said John Burgoon, one of the architects with Prospiant, which is building the greenhouse.