Will we have to explain to our kids or grandkids what a mall was? Maybe. But only if they look up from the website they are buying jeans on long enough to listen.

The point, for corporate real estate professionals interested in innovative real estate conversions, is that spaces that were originally designed for retail are morphing into other uses as people can now buy practically anything online.

The Wall Street Journal has taken a few looks at this trend recently. This article shows how an old carpet store in New York City is being converted for office uses. And none other than industry disrupter WeWork – which is one of the leaders in the hot co-working trend — is getting in on the action, according to the article:

“Lord & Taylor plans to reduce its store at its Fifth Avenue flagship, which parent Hudson’s Bay Co. is selling to co-working giant WeWork Cos. WeWork’s headquarters and other office space will occupy most of that building.”

There are other examples. Malls are being converted into multiuse centers with not only offices, but residential uses and health clubs, which mall developers once shunned as too low brow.

These poor kids today. They have nowhere to go to pick up an Orange Julius, buy a record album, and rent a movie for their VCRs.