On this Equal Pay Day 2019, Refinery29 has taken a look at several workplaces headed by women. As CoreNet Global has documented in many different reports and studies, creating a workplace is becoming more about the overall experience. And many companies are paying attention to the specific needs of women in the workplace.

One example is Lauran Kassan, Co-founder and COO of The Wing, a co-working space and social club:

“We’re creating culture where mothers can bring their children to the office or work from home as necessary. … We’re about to open our new HQ, which will have mothers’ rooms. Working for a company built by women allows a unique experience as a working mother, but we want to help shift the expectations and stigmas around working parents through our work at The Wing both behind-the-scenes and in the spaces.”

Another is Sara Mauskop, CEO and cofounder of Winnie, a free app for parents to help them find child care and activities to do with their kids.

“I think traditional workplaces could learn a lot from Winnie. Supporting parents is a tremendous asset. You will have more productive, more loyal employees if you allow them to balance their work life and their home life in a reasonable way,” she said.