Despite the changing trends in retail, inflation, and overall economic worries, luxury retailer Nieman Marcus is moving ahead with new corporate hubs that will function as headquarters and collaboration spaces, according to D Magazine. 

“Neiman Marcus Group is creating three new corporate hubs to promote innovation and collaboration among its employees. It will debut these office hubs within the next year: one each in Dallas, New York City, and Bangalore, India,” the article reported. 

According to Neiman Marcus Group’s EVP, Chief People and Belonging Officer Eric Severson, the new Dallas hub will be an innovation center and a place where associates can gather, meet, and strategize:

“The old way of thinking one person to one seat and that the individual stays in his or her assigned seat all day isn’t conducive to the way people work now,” Severson told D CEO. “People now know corporate roles can be productive wherever. We want to create a space where people can come when they want or need to come together with other people.”

The article also said that “Neiman Marcus’ corporate employees have been working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. Severson says there are no plans to mandate employees returning to the office. In fact, Severson said, Neiman Marcus’ remote work model has aided the company in its recruitment and retention efforts.”

“By hiring anywhere, we have expanded our talent pool,” Severson says. “It has made it easier for us to hire faster and retain the employees that we do hire.”