A new technology solution that aims to integrate corporate real estate and IT was released recently by HPE Aruba in Santa Clara, according to an article in CRN Magazine, an information technology trade publication.

“Machine learning,” said Trent Fierro, HPE Aruba direct of software solutions marketing, “allows networks to stay ahead of problems and offer solutions before those problems become big problems.”

“We talk to a lot of customers and they tell us their IT teams cannot keep up with all the changes that are happening in their networks,” Fierro said. “People are going with more and more Wi-Fi-based IoT devices. There’s going to be a 50-50 mix of Wi-Fi and wired IoT devices in an environment, like lighting systems, HVAC systems. The IT team now has to reach out and work with new stakeholders. They’re a little concerned about what happens to the user experience when all these devices start connecting everywhere.”

“Up until now form and function were in their own silos,” Ni said. “Real estate did the form, and IT did the function. IT didn’t even get involved until the space was fully furnished and built out. In the new environment, we want to create not just a digital workplace, not a smart building, it’s really a mashup of both, a smart digital workplace. We want to make it efficient. We want to make it secure, but we also want to make it experiential. We really need to bridge the aisle and bring in two different worlds,” said Alan Ni, HPE Aruba director of vertical marketing.