You read that correctly. In Philadelphia plans are underway for at least three new office buildings, demonstrating the  belief  that  eventually,  workers will return. 

However, new design features (many of which were predicted in the findings from the CoreNet Global Hackathon in May),  will make them pandemic-proof, according to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

“These three designs tell us a lot about what urban offices will look like when the pandemic finally ends. Instead of soaring trophy towers with signature crowns and spires to brand them, the new workplaces are likely to be short, stout and flat-roofed. Instead of vast interiors filled with rows of cubicles…Yes, there will still be room for conventional offices, but they’ll mostly be small and private. Most significantly, the office of the future will be pandemic-proofed with everything from enhanced ventilation systems to fully enclosed restroom stalls. Workers will be issued electronic cards, so they’ll never have to touch a door handle or elevator pad.”