Wow. Really?

Gartner is out with a new report that the majority of digital initiatives launched by midsize and large organizations will fail to create new ways of working through 2021. And, in 80% of digital initiatives, only one quarter of companies will actually create new ways of working, according to TechRepublic.

TechRepublic defines digital workplace initiatives as distributed decision making, virtual and remote work, and redesigned physical workspaces. The technologies used in digital transformation projects are IoT, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, AI, and machine learning.

But the article makes an interesting point that it’s not just about the technology rollout; the efforts will fail without paying attention to employee engagement and the associated changes in corprate culture.

“The business unit leader is the champion of a new way of working in the digital workplace, said Carol Rozwell, distinguished research vice president at Gartner.

“This is the person who identifies the desired business outcomes, develops the business case and establishes the measures by which success is determined. Without engaging business unit leaders, it will be impossible to successfully grapple with the scope of changes needed.”