Networks Asia has published an article by CoreNet Global Asia Pacific Summit speakers Ben Pring and Peter Andrew on the influence of artificial intelligence (AI).

“We may still be in the early days of AI. However, with the speed at which technology has advanced over recent years, what we view as cutting-edge today may not hold the same level of significance a couple of months down the road,” they write.

“In the coming years, it is likely that any bottlenecks for creating and integrating AI will lessen, and developers will devise even more ways to enhance the capabilities of machines. As with all technologies, costs will drop as research and development gives rise to more cost-effective methods of production, catalysing mainstream adoption amongst consumers and businesses.”

“During corporate real estate association CoreNet Global’s recent Asia Pacific Summit, we also highlighted how AI is fast becoming an integral part of the workplace, a development that will impact virtually every industry in the world. Organisations would then do well to anticipate and take essential measures to mitigate the impact of disruption to the status quo. After all, the idea of job enhancement is simply to improve the quality of human work, and not to replace humans.”