The winds of Brexit continue to swirl… some insights below on the potential affects, and possibly a bright spot if a no-deal Brexit does occur.

  • Brexit is already having a negative effect on employment with services companies reporting the weakest payroll expansion since May 2013, according to figures released from AIB – Irish Times
  • Due to Brexit and a subdued property market, savers are choosing not to make long-term decisions and refraining from investing in commercial property through their self-invested personal pension, according to Jane Ridgley, chief operating officer at Curtis Banks. – FT Advisor
  • Commercial property might decline by a massive 48 per cent and residential property by 30 per cent after the shock of a no-deal Brexit.
  • Having said that, the GBP weakness may boost attraction towards the UK real estate sector. If the US dollar stays relatively strong compared to the GBP, investors and expatriates in the GCC countries may go bargain hunting after the Brexit fog clears. – The National