Seems we have just been getting used to the idea of millennials changing workplace patterns, and a new trend is emerging: the millennial parent.

The millennial parent, according to the World Economic Forum will introduce more evoulutions into how and where we work:

  • Create space to parent

Sixty-nine percent of millennial working parents in the US desire childcare on site at their place of work, citing trust and convenience as top priorities. Despite this, only 4-8% of Fortune 100 companies offer it.

  • Connect productive technology with parenting technology

It’s not hard to imagine a world where a specialized app for new mothers reserves quiet times in their calendar so they can express milk. When these tools work in tandem, the information conveyed to and from parents has the potential to be more accurate, timely and contextual, alleviating common work-life conflicts.

  • Millennial parents will design for flexibility
    In order to raise a family while pursuing a meaningful career, millennial parents need to be able to choose full-time, part-time, flexi-time, in-office or remote work according to their personal and professional obligations.
  • Millennial parents will prioritize the parenting experience

Employers who truly support working parents must ensure that shifts and meetings start and end on time, workloads are properly managed, and work pays well enough to provide for families. Otherwise millennial parents, keenly aware of their negotiating power and alternative options, will choose a working environment that meets their needs.