Mace, the international consultancy and construction company, has obtained the first IMMUNE Building Standard™ (IMMUNE™) certification globally for its headquarters in London.

Located in London’s historic center and primary central business district, the office building at 155 Moorgate has achieved the IMMUNE™ – Powerful certification (equivalent to 4 stars), recognizing the successful measures implemented to keep employees safe during a global pandemic.

IMMUNE™ is an open-source building standard funded by Genesis Property, a market-leading European property company, designed specifically to help combat health risks in the workplace, reduce fears, particularly in the context of COVID-19, and build trust among employers and employees in their efforts to return to the office safely. The certification is dedicated to office buildings and can also be adapted for buildings in use for hospitality, retail, health care, education, or residential purposes.

With the coronavirus rapidly transforming the way workplaces operate, Mace has taken extensive action in the past months to implement safety measures across its global offices and construction sites to ensure a safer and healthier workplace environment for its 5,000 employees.

“The IMMUNE Building Standard™ demonstrably recognizes the health and wellbeing measures we have implemented at Mace’s HQ in London, keeping our employees safe during the pandemic,” said Maud Santamaria, Head of Workplace Experience at Mace.

Mace’s headquarters are awarded the certification following an independent assessment process based on the IMMUNE™ Assessment Scoring Index, conducted by Build Green, an authorized building assessor and a contributor to the development of the standard. The certification demonstrates Mace’s diligence and commitment to implement a Healthy by Design approach, considering a coherent collection of 100+ measures and best practices recommended by IMMUNE™. 

Observed Liviu Tudor, President of the European Property Federation, and Founder and President of Genesis Property, the initiator of the IMMUNE Building Standard™: “I am happy to congratulate Mace on this impressive achievement and I am confident that this is just the first step towards ensuring healthier office environments across the globe.”