Well we knew that!

But the folks at Randstad and ApartmentGuide.com are out with a new survey that gives several more interesting data points on how people are living and working today:

Forty-four percent of respondents prefer working in the office because it’s easier to disconnect from their jobs outside of work hours.

Forty-three percent of Gen Z workers admit they get lonely when working from home, compared to a little more than a quarter (26%) of all workers.

Thirty-seven percent feel commuting significantly limits time for activities like going to the gym, seeing friends/family and practicing hobbies.

Thirty percent often skip work or social events that extend after hours because of their long commute.

Twenty-four percent of all workers surveyed say they live far from their jobs because they can’t afford to live nearby; that number jumps to 43 percent for Gen Z workers.

Twenty-seven percent say their commute negatively impacts their mood. This number nearly doubles for Gen Z workers (42%).