During the upcoming CoreNet Global Summit in Shanghai (21-23 March 2017), Kaiser Kuo, a leading figure in China’s technology scene, will broadcast and record a live episode of his widely followed “The Sinica Podcast,“ entertaining a broad discussion with Jason Pomeroy a smart cities expert, and Li Xin, Managing Director of Caixin Global.  She’s formerly the Managing Editor of the Chinese Wall Street Journal and Editor for Chinese language Dow Jones news wire.

It promises to be an exciting session. We asked Kuo to review some aspects of the conversation.

“The overall theme will probably be about China at the dawn of the Trump Era—how the leadership will navigate a challenging domestic situation with a new role on the world stage,” he said. “We’ll also talk about China’s overseas direct investment, which is being ramped up to unprecedented levels with promises of sizeable continued overseas investment.”

He continued: “We’ll talk about the image problem that Chinese overseas investment has, about the relationship between overseas direct investment and capital outflow/capital flight, about stepped-up economic protectionism in the US for Chinese investments, and about China’s opportunities in the Global South.”

“We’ll talk about Li Xin’s role at the head of Caixin English, and have a conversation about English-language media coverage of China.”

Kuo, a Chinese American, is the former head of communications for Baidu.com, China’s leading search engine, and former bureau chief for Red Herring, a popular technology business magazine.

It’s worth noting that Kuo is also a founding member of Tang Dynasty, one of the first heavy metal bands in China.

The session promises to be one of the most innovative, interactive and informative general sessions that CoreNet Global has hosted. And we look forward to reaching a broad external audience through the Sinica Podcast.

You can learn more about attending the Global Summit here.