A new study again finds that companies are pulling headquarters out of California and into cities in such states as Texas and Nevada. 

“Major corporations moving head office and major regional office operations out of California has become a norm today, not an exception,” John Boyd, principal with The Boyd Company, told NTD, a sister media of The Epoch Times, as reported in The Epoch Times 

The study analyzed different states’ tax structures by comparing operating costs for a corporate headquarters. It found that the five best cities were in Nevada and Texas, with Minden, Nevada coming in first. Cities ranked second through fifth were Leander, Plano, Round Rock, and Woodlands, which are adjacent to Texas’s major cities, according to the article 

“We’re seeing a preference for suburban locations that are in markets desirable for relocating employees,” said Boyd. “This is an era of unprecedented mobility. Increasingly, workers want to move to areas that have a lower tax burden.”