Learning through Change: Lessons for Corporate Real Estate       

The only thing that is constant is change – Heraclius

As the corporate real estate (CRE) profession continues to evolve for a new generation, change has become the only constant. Dramatic changes in demographics, risk, technology, and global business environments and markets, have altered the structure of the enterprise and are challenging established business processes. The “uberization” of traditional models is impacting business now and making the future more fluid than ever before. Organizations can, and do, approach change in many different ways, and the organization that embraces that change can open up new opportunities for their employees and the company.

As we look at the impacts of change in the organization and how to manage and succeed through change, we can learn from the learners themselves. The learning and education profession is navigating through this shifting landscape at the moment and, in an interview with ATD recently David Levin, CEO, McGraw-Hill Education discussed their journey to reimaging education, highlighting the key role that talent development plays in this new normal.*

”We have to deal with a changing business model, new customer needs and demands, and new skill sets and capabilities… A huge part of [the strategy] depends on talent development because we need people who can understand and grow the new business and develop and amplify a very different message to the market.”

The role of the trainer in this new environment provides lessons for CRE leaders. Levin sees the role of the trainer evolving from being, “The sage on a stage to being a coach, facilitator, and supporter who’s actively… engaging [learners] in learning what they don’t know.” Leaders who embrace that learning opportunity and make that new connection are better placed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the changing business environment we are all navigating together.

Learning that actively engages the learner and offers content in the context of this changing environment can provide insights and skill sets for this ‘new normal’. Part of CoreNet Global’s mission is to equip its members with the skill sets that will be essential in this ever changing world. Our seminars, coming up in locations such as NY, Beijing, Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, Denver, Bangalore, London, provide interactive, though-provoking global and local learning and networking opportunities. There are so many ways to engage!

*Article: And Now for Something Completely Different – May 1st, 2017 – by Tony Bingham, Pat Galagan