Exec Global, a unit of Japan-based Exeo Group, has opened a new global headquarters in Singapore that will be home to 600 employees. 

According to a press release, the headquarters,  named The Pulse, houses EXEO Global’s subsidiaries in the ICT infrastructure and technology space, namely Aeqon, Ascent Solutions, DeClout, DeClout Ventures, dhost, GUUD, Procurri and Telistar Solutions. To create a home away from home for its 350 employees working from The Pulse, the building incorporates lots of open spaces, greenery, formal and casual meeting spaces as well as comfortable, ergonomic seats that care for employees’ wellbeing, as well as encourages innovation and collaboration.

The unique building space features an open-air central courtyard right in the centre of the building that can be viewed from the 4th to 6th floors. Besides the central courtyard, there is also a rooftop garden and bar area that provides relaxation time for employees and a space where they can effectively host their guests.

The bonsai garden on Level 5, that can also be viewed from Level 6, features bonsai trees that have been specially handpicked and shipped to Singapore, reflecting the company’s heritage.

Mr Fumitoshi Imaizumi, Chief Executive Officer of EXEO Global, shared, “We chose to build The Pulse in Singapore, as it is strategically located, known for its business-friendly practices, political stability and cultural diversity. The nation has also been able to attract top talent from around the region, and having invested in businesses here in Singapore, I personally find the startup environment extremely vibrant and solutions available highly innovative. The building of The Pulse also reflects our commitment to our stakeholders that we are here to stay and want to continue to develop the business here to add value to our clients, partners and shareholders.”

See Imaizumi explain the choice of Singapore on this interview with CNBC.