Have you put away your holiday decorations yet? Because, really, it’s time! If you’re still working on resolutions for the new year; we can be a little more forgiving -it’s never too late for that!

Career coach Ashley Stahl has three simple suggestions in Forbes online:

  1. Update and build your online branding.
    Even if you are not on the job hunt, keeping your credentials up-to-date is necessary to stay relevant, Stahl says.
  1. Take learning into your own hands.
    We agree, this is your year to earn your MCR or QPCR! Learn more about how.
  2. Establish a strong mentor relationship.
    Studies have found that working with a mentor improves your behavior, attitude, and overall health. A mentor will not only provide sound career advice, but they will also open doors that you might not have previously had access to, Stahl says.

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