Famed toymaker Lego has announced that it will move its North American headquarters from Enfield, CT to Boston by the end of 2026, according to a Hartford Courant article posted on Yahoo!.

“LEGO’s relocation to Boston will unfold in phases beginning in mid-2025, with all 740 employees given the chance to move or work out a possible hybrid or remote schedule with the company. Layoffs weren’t mentioned in Tuesday’s announcement…Six months ago, when LEGO announced plans to build a $1 billion “carbon neutral” manufacturing plant in Virginia, concerns were stoked about LEGO’s future in Connecticut.”

Boston increasingly emerged as a top choice because it was an urban setting attractive to the younger spectrum of the workforce and was where universities work closely with industry and are deeply embedded in the city, said Skip Kodak, president of the LEGO Group in the Americas.

“As we continue to to find our pathway in the post-Covid workforce world that we live in, it is very clear to us that our location needs to be highly attractive and ideally located where the largest possible base of talent that would be appropriate for our business is,” said Kodak.