Tax preparer giant H&R Block, has opened a new sensory room at the company’s Kansas City headquarters, according to a press release

“The new room provides a space for associates to check in and acknowledge their mental health and well-being throughout the workday,” the statement said. 

“Sensory rooms are safe, quiet places that can help adults reduce stress and overstimulation and improve creativity and focus. The carefully curated sensory room at H&R Block includes a calming sound machine, a tranquil environment, bean bags, sensory fidgets, and dim lighting,” according the statement. 

“Although sensory rooms are not a new concept, they aren’t common for adults, especially in workplaces,” said Tiffany Monroe, Chief People and Culture Officer at H&R Block. “Our associates are encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, and a big part of that means creating a sense of belonging and proactively making meaningful changes to truly be a great place to work. We are excited about the new sensory room and really hope our associates enjoy it.”

H&R Block’s sensory room idea originated from three associates with neurodivergent children who also founded the Neurodiversity at Block Belonging group.