How Can Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Respond to Innovation and Change While Meeting Business Growth Objectives?

How do business leaders in your organisation view CRE in Asia Pacific? Real estate today is connected with much wider social, political and economic issues that are shaping the future of business and society. Disruptive changes in areas such as governance, technology, global economics and the environment are impacting corporate decision making, and this has far-reaching implications for CRE executives. 
We want to explore the big topics and strategic shifts being discussed within your organisation today. Ultimately, you need to be prepared to answer important questions such as: What is CRE’s role in helping organisations respond to innovation and change while meeting business growth objectives?

We want to spark a conversation about how you can better align your efforts with business direction and reposition your contribution in terms of innovative thinking and value creation.

We would like to promote dialogue among CRE professionals in the region by asking these key questions:

  • What emerging issues do you see as future potential disruptors?
  • Considering your organisation strategic initiatives, what do you see as your (CRE’s) contribution?
  • How can CRE executives better articulate activity and outcomes to senior leadership?

This is an open forum where you can share your thoughts and experiences, we encourage you to participate in the comments below.

These topics will also be discussed in a live and interactive session that will be held in Hong Kong during the CoreNet Global Summit, 17-19 March 2015; for more details please visit