GreenBiz is reporting that as companies become more conscious of global warming, the buildings they use are becoming more sustainable and efficient. 

“Today, the green premium (higher prices for more sustainable buildings) is still in play, but creating sustainable spaces is no longer about simply increasing their value. We’re quickly reaching a tipping point as sustainability moves up the corporate priority list. Attention is turning to preserving the value of buildings to avoid the risks associated with doing nothing at all,” the publication reported. 

“This ties into the evolving idea of a “best-in-class building.” The focus is shifting from being in a prime location with sweeping views from the top floors, to championing net-zero carbon, promoting health and wellbeing, and being resilient to climate change.”

JLL’s “Decarbonizing the Built Environment” report found that 63 percent of leading investors strongly agree that green strategies can drive higher occupancy, higher rents, higher tenant retention and overall higher value, according to GreenBiz.