At a public hearing recently, corporate real estate professionals from Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods credited the schools in northern Arkansas with helping to create an environment that is beneficial to locating a corporate headquarters. 

“Both Cindi Marsiglio, vice president for corporate real estate for Walmart, and Jane Duke, vice president and associate general counsel for Tyson Foods, praised local schools, both public and private. Marsiglio oversees construction of the Walmart headquarters campus in downtown Bentonville. Duke is helping Tyson to concentrate its management in Springdale. Tyson announced plans in October to consolidate management in Springdale, bringing 1,000 jobs from other offices in Chicago and from Dakota Dunes, S.D., according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

The related issue of housing also has an impact. 

“The housing market in Northwest Arkansas, particularly in Bentonville, is historically tight, accoring to both studies commissioned by the council and by industry figures.

A report on housing prices in Bentonville, compiled by a work group commissioned by the City Council and released Jan. 21, found any family with a median household income for that city would have trouble finding a house they could afford if they were able to afford one at all in today’s market.