We hope you are planning to join us in Singapore next week for our Asia Pacific Global Summit. It would be a smart move in more ways than one.

As we gather the world’s leaders in corporate real estate in Asia, we will be doing so in one of the world’s hot spots in the development and use of artificial intelligence-based systems. 

According to Forbes, Singapore has taken a clear lead in AI technology and innovative biometrics solutions, partially because the government is boosting companies in the industry as part of its campaign to become a “smart nation.”

“The country’s economic development board, EDB, is attempting to convince major companies like media conglomerate Thomson Reuters and business tech firm SAP, as well as startups like ViSenze, to create their own research centers in Singapore,” according to the article.

Right in the middle of all this activity our summit will be exploring what AI means for corporate real estate, such as this session, When Machines Do Everything What Will Corporate Real Estate Look Like? and this one, on the Future of Work.

We hope to see you there – through facial recognition software!